Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy Workshop

An experiential workshop to introduce dance-movement therapy and its potential for discovery, change and healing.

IDTIA welcomes people who may be considering training for the Foundation Course in Dance-Movement Therapy ; those interested in gaining some insight into dance-movement therapy and what it has to offer for their practice in dance, health, welfare or education settings; and others who may simply be curious to explore a different application of dance.

The Workshop will provide experiences of dance movement for a therapeutic context. Examples of the application of dance movement therapy in the community and institutional settings will be illustrated, as well as further information on training.

It is suitable for dancers, therapists and health workers, interested in the application of dance movement for groups with a social or health issue.

In 2021, we will be holding regular Introductory Workshops via Zoom.

Please look at the Calendar of Events to see when the next Intro Workshop is scheduled, or contact the IDTIA Administrator.