Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy Workshop


The International Dance Therapy Institute of Australia Inc (IDTIA) has been offering long-term training
and short courses in Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) since 1989.

In November 2024, we will commence the 2 year IDTIA Clinical Training in Dance Movement Therapy (DMT CT) course.
The Introductory course is a prerequisite for enrollment in the DMT CT course. 

Our Introductory Workshops for 2024 will provide experiences of dance movement in the therapeutic context. They will introduce participants to some of the core skills used by Dance Movement Therapists working in clinical and community settings. The workshop is suitable for dancers, therapists and health workers, interested in the application of dance movement therapy for groups with a social or health issue.

The Next Introductory Workshop will be held via Zoom, full day.

Date:   Saturday 22nd June 2024
Time: 10am – 5pm (Melbourne time)
Cost: $120.

Participants will be required to attend the full day, if considering applying for the Clinical Training in Dance Movement Therapy.
To register for the June 2024
Introductory Workshop in Dance Movement Therapy, go to:

Workshop places will be limited

IDTIA will be repeating this workshop at intervals during 2024. If you are not able to participate in the April Introductory Workshop please express your interest in a future workshop to Karen Nankervis (

Attendees at IDTIA events are required to be there in person, and will be expected to put their camera on for at least a short time during the event, or communicate via chat. The use of AI Assistants will not be permitted.


‘Dance movement events have the potential to alter an individual’s perceptual frame of reference, thereby allowing maladaptive patterns to be released and new behavior to be developed’ (1993)

Dr Marcia Leventhal (founder of IDTIA)