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IDTIA Conversation – July


Topic - The joyous ageing body Rediscovering the silliness and sensuality of the dancing body. Facilitated by Dr Pauline Manley We are told older women are invisible. But not to each other. So how can a space created for mature women facilitate the rediscovery of the joyous body, maybe only vaguely remembered from childhood? If […]

Dance and Move – June


Topic - 'Rhythm' Express your outer and inner perceptions through rhythm. Facilitated by Caroline Graley Explore a range of dance movement responses to both explicit music stimuli and implicit introceptive impulses within your own body without music. It will be helpful for participants to have two pens/pencils and paper handy or pastels if you have […]

IDTIA Conversation – June


Topic - Using voice expressiveness in DMT:  activating vagal tone Facilitated by Sharon Todd-Miller   Preparing for your session: Please come prepared by wearing something loose and comfortable and clearing a space in which you can move freely.  Have some drinking water handy and some writing/drawing materials. You may also like to set a personal […]