Maps to Success: The Dance Movement Therapist as Innovator and Assimilator

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Maps to Success: The Dance Movement Therapist as Innovator and Assimilator

June 13 @ 10:00 am - July 25 @ 12:30 pm UTC+10


Presented by Dr. Marcia B. Leventhal

A 2 workshop Dance Therapy Renew and Review Online Exploration with Dr. Marcia B. Leventhal.
(all workshops will have both a theoretical and experiential component)

Reviewing and renewing our theoretical, clinical and experiential components, allow us the opportunity to move into this new post-pandemic era of reflection and unfolding, as we offer our skills and insights as Dance Movement Therapists.  We have the potential to move deeper into our roles as Change Agents in our rapidly changing global environment.

  • Both workshops are each over 2 Sunday sessions (total of 4 sessions)
    2.5 hours in length each, 10am – 12.30pm AEST, presented via Zoom.
  • Places are limited for each workshop.
  • DMT graduates can attend one or both of these workshops
  • Non DMT graduates must attend Workshop One to be eligible to attend Workshop Two.

Cost (AUD): 
One workshop – $120  (IDTIA graduates $100)
Two workshops – $220  (IDTIA graduates $180)

(Use ‘MULTI’ promotion code to get the reduced rate when booking for the two workshops)


Workshop One
13th & 27th June 2021, 10am-12.30pm AEST
This workshop will be an opportunity to examine certain key elements which appear to contribute to the healing/wholing potential of Dance Therapy, including but not limited to:
Space, Mindfulness, Unfolding, Creation of a Sustainable Model, Organicity, and Range Development

Workshop One is introductory and appropriate for individuals with backgrounds in the helping/healing professions wanting to develop DMT skills as well as DMT graduates.


Workshop Two
11th & 25th July 2021, 10am-12.30pm AEST
This workshop will explore the role of Dance Therapy in healing from life’s TRAUMAS.
How the Dance therapist is able to create a safe and transformative environment for clients in order to discover, release, recuperate and develop will be the focus of these two workshops. Through a variety of Dance Movement Therapy interventions, based upon   focused dance movement observations of the facilitator in working with trauma survivors worldwide, participants will explore how to uncover and work with the embodied traumatic incident(s). Outcomes will be focused upon assisting clients to move through these embodied (body held) traumas, and into a more relaxed, productive, and self-evolved emotional, physical and spiritual life.
Workshop Two is for individuals who are already trained and practicing (or have practiced) DMT. Or for counselors, teachers or psychotherapists who do Workshop One.
Dr Marcia B Leventhal, is a pioneer of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT).
She is Co-Founder of the International Dance Therapy Institute of Australia Inc (IDTIA) and Founding Director of the IDTIA Education Program. She is the Former Professor and Director of the Graduate Dance Movement Therapy Program at New York University.
“Igniting our life force, dance therapy moves us towards harmony with our soul’s essence, offering enlightenment and unity with nature and humanity.”
– Dr Marcia B Leventhal


June 13 @ 10:00 am UTC+10
July 25 @ 12:30 pm UTC+10




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