2022 Workshop series


Freedom & Expression through Movement.
Every 2nd & 4th Monday nights, 7-8pm Melbourne time, on Zoom

A gathering of like-minded dance enthusiasts to participate in an hour of dance and movement for personal growth. This is a time of facilitated experiential self-exploration in one’s own Zoom space and in a group setting.

12 September Facilitator: Bouthaina Mayall
26 September Facilitator: Angela Kastanis

8 August Facilitator: Angela Kastanis
22 August Facilitator: Mary Claude Vienet
11 July Facilitator: Mary-Claude Vienet
25 July Facilitator: Angela Kastanis
6 June Facilitator: Angela Kastanis
20 June Facilitator:  Mary-Claude Vienet
9 May 22 Facilitator: Theresa Jackson
23 May 22 Facilitator: Maeve Larkin


“The Healing Rhythm of the Dyadic Union”*
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday mornings, 10-11am Melbourne time, on Zoom

An online program for DMT practitioners & graduates to meet and dyad on a regular basis. Participants are put into randomly assigned breakout rooms for their authentic movement practice.

* Dr Marcia B. Leventhal. The Healing Rhythm of the Dyadic Union. Melbourne, Australia, 2013. DTAA Journal: Moving On.


$20 per any individual session, or
$35 per month for 2 Dance-&-Move and 1 Dyads in current September.

To register for September go to:  https://www.trybooking.com/CCIBB

Click on any date to book for all sessions.


Theresa Jackson is originally from New York where she studied Dance Therapy and Contemporary dance with the Alwin Nickolais and Murray Louis dance theatre as well as experiencing Graham, Judson Church and other dance disciplines. She is a graduate of the New York University Master’s Dance Therapy program. Since arriving in Australia she has worked with NAISDA, TAFE, University of Western Sydney and University of Wollongong. She has been a Physical Education/Health/Personal Development teacher in secondary schools.

Mary-Claude Vienet is a Dance Movement Therapist who started her journey in 2011. She mostly spent time working with elderly, frail elderly, people with  dementia, Young Onset Dementia (YOD) and carers in various settings from respite centres, retirement homes to Neighbourhood centres and working in collaboration with the Healthy Ageing department  of Inner West Council. She also worked with adults with physical and mental disabilities in a day care centre. 

Angela Kastanis is a Dance Movement Therapist located on the Mornington Peninsula. She is a coordinator and educator for the IDTIA Clinical Training in DMT and is the current Convenor of IDTIA. She also co-facilitates the Thursday morning DMT Conversations for IDTIA. She has worked with children and adults with Down Syndrome, autism, the blind, adults with dementia in aged care and people in trauma recovery. Currently, Angela offers online movement explorations for the general public and runs a private practice working with adults and children moving through life issues, in-person and online.

Grace B Yap-Kirk is an IDTIA graduate and Dance Movement Specialist (certified member, International Institute of Complementary Therapists) with experience in dance movement therapy for aged care (high & low dementia groups, bedridden residents), elderly therapeutic dance groups, aged respite program and adults with disabilities. She facilitates online dance groupwork and individual sessions using integrative approaches of therapeutic dance and spirituality. She writes about and promotes dance movement for her professional listening care modality of spiritual direciton. 

Maeve Larkin has a lifelong interest and love of dance which she has shared with the community as a dancer, teacher, dance movement therapist and workshop presenter. After 2 years at the Australian Ballet School and 6 years teaching ballet, Maeve returned to study graduating with a BEd in Dance in 1984. After raising her family she continued with her education achieving a Dip in DMT (IDTIA) and Dip Counselling (AIPC) She also has extensive experience of somatic approaches, particularly Somatic Wisdom with Alice Cummins.

Bouthaina Mayall began working life as a high school teacher in science and biology. Since childhood, she maintained an interest in dace, starting with classical ballet and later in modern dance with Margaret Lassicca and Mangala studio. Her interest in Indian philosophy and mythology led to the study of Indian dance (Mohiniattam) and particularly the use of gestures and mudras to convey meaning and embody mythological characters in storytelling. She also taught creative dance to children in kindergartens.
Bouthaina trained in dance therapy with IDTIA and is an Advanced Clinical Training graduate. Her areas of dance therapy experience are in aged care, dementia, children with disabilities and autism. She has run dance movement therapy groups in aged care facilities for residents with varying needs including dementia. She is familiar with the aged care system and has helped create programs to meet continuous improvement standards. She also works on a one to one basis with clients and conducts workshops for various groups such as writing groups and philosophy groups. She is based in Kew as well as Dhurringile (country Victoria) where she also currently works planting trees and regenerating the land.